7 Simple Tips to Declutter your Office

Never underestimate the power of a clean workstation. Gathering the conviction to declutter is a commendable job, but believe us on this- when you do it, the peace of mind you have is unparalleled. One can see their productivity increasing manifold. 

Let’s face it, many of us are guilty of accumulating miscellaneous things, some of which we do not need. But, we hoard them, and they make our space look busy. If you are sailing in the same boat and have now reached a point where you waste hours to find an important document, continue reading ahead. 

Evaluate the nature of clutter in your office

The clutter I have on my work desk is different from yours. You need to begin by evaluating the same. Get all items out of the shelves and drawers. While you take everything out, another individual can clean the shelves and drawers. 

Sort into ‘keep’, ‘recycle’, ‘not needed.’ 

Now, begin chalking out three categories and segregating all your office’s belongings in this manner. While giving away some things does get the heart heavy, you must do it for your mental peace. Keep in mind that a clean workspace will be more rewarding to the entire office and keep going.  

Designate specific locations for similar items. 

This will minus the visual clutter from your desk and give you more space to do your thing. 

Label the drawers and group things of the same niche together. 

Arrange items based on how regularly you use them. 

Do you have too much on your desk? Only the things you use frequently need to be close to you, such as your daily planner and pens. Things you use once in a week or less often can be placed in the drawer away from you, and each time you need them, you can simply walk there and get it out. This will help improve your workflow. 

Paper and documents you no longer need

We understand businesses need to maintain records. However, one must maintain periodic checks if too many outdated documents are still lying in the office. One can digitize them for record and get rid of them. If you still choose to keep them, you can conveniently pack them in a container/ carton with a label reading the year of those records and keep them in a designated spot. 

Organize the Cables

Tangled cables and an unconcealed mess of them is a disaster, and we do not want you to be a part of it. One can shirk away from sorting cables considering they will again get messed up in a few hours. But, take out the time, see how you can organize the cables better according to your office space, and label them with tiny stickers. These stickers will prove to be super helpful in case of any malfunction one can quickly identify which cable belongs to the keyboard and which one to the monitor. 

Make organization a habit. 

Lastly, you may declutter today but again end up in the same situation if you do not make organizing a habit. Focus on making organization a habit and not a once in a blue moon thing. This will change the entire dynamics of your organization. 

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