Bespoke Cards

       Are you a charity, a fundraising group or a business? Would you like us to design and print your cards featuring your logo, address, a special message and your choice of an image which means a lot to you or to your supporters?

Our service is not just limited to designing and printing cards for your specific requirements

We can look after all your printing needs – from business cards to flyers, newsletters to your organisation’s memoir.

This would be a great way to be in touch with your diehard supporters as well as to launch your outreach initiatives. We offer to work closely with you to develop designs which are specific to your requirements and local communities in a very special way either to send as a token of appreciation or to sell both in your shops or online stores.

We already work with a number of reputed groups and organisations to meet their needs and why not send us a note on ‘contact us’ or ring us today to find out more how we can help you achieve your desired goal.


Sustainability, Guaranteed Irish & Irish Print

DWM Cards always strives to achieve sustainability in our printing business by adapting responsible practices which give social and ecological balance, becoming conscious of the wishes to preserve the depleting resources for the needs of future generations. At DWM Press sustainability is a culture.

FSC Certified Cards

All DWM cards are made from paper which are FSC certified. We are now beginning the process of printing the FSC logo on all our cards to assure you that this product comes from well-managed forests and there are set standards by which forests are certified. By buying an FSC certified product you are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.

Again, as much as possible we limit single use plastic wrappings. However, it may be necessary at times to use plastic wrappings to protect the edges of the cards as well as from getting soiled.

We have gone digital Printing

Digital printing doesn’t require a printing plate to complete the job. The ink sits on the top layer of the substrate, so this process produces significantly less waste than more conventional methods that require a plate. 



Guaranteed Irish

Guaranteed Irish symbol that we proudly carry on our cards is a proof of our efforts to support sustainable jobs, contribution to our local communities, and we are committed to Irish provenance in all we do.

“As one of Ireland’s most enduring and recognisable symbols, Guaranteed Irish actively encourages consumers to support locally based businesses by looking out for businesses and brands that carry the Guaranteed Irish licenced mark when shopping for everyday goods and services online and in stores.

As a direct result of making the choice to shop local, you are supporting local jobs in our communities throughout Ireland, building a sustainable local economy for the future of Ireland.”

You Design, We Print
Upload Your Own Designs


 Did you want to give wings to your own creative imaginations in designing a card or anything else for that matter that you would like to see printed? No worries. DWM Cards can print it for you. We offer you a hassle-free way to get your own custom designs printed with our easy design upload experience that lets you focus on the other matters which are most relevant to you. Again, you can even work with our in-house professional designer to design a completely original look for your Upload, if you think that will enhance your own creativity. It’s your distinct product and we want it to be for you too.


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